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About Us

Mission Statement


The mission of The Parkinson’s Place is to improve quality of life for the movement disorder community. Our commitment is tireless and constantly evolving around the forever changing needs of our people. We vow to do so in a way that is caring, supportive and educational. Our aim is to always be aware of the importance of tough love while inspiring emulation from the community and beyond.  We do so by educating all of our staff to understand the "Movement Language”. In turn, our members receive emotional and therapeutic gains that will last a lifetime.


 "Rich and his people are truly changing people's lives. As I am an outsider and visit occasionally when I am in RI I am amazed at the changes I see. The compassion and caring for people is genuine here. "

Fight Back Together!

Don't fight Parkinson's Disease alone. Join our community of over 100 fighters and improve your quality of life.