The Parkinson’s Place

Our mission at The Parkinson’s Place is to combine physical, mental and social activity under one roof so that people with Parkinson’s can obtain a better quality of life.

About us: At The Parkinson’s Place, we understand that transportation is difficult for not only the people with Parkinson’s (PWP), but the caregiver as well. By putting all therapies in one location, it not only makes it easier for you, we feel that it’s the best way to combat the neuro-degenerative disease.

We are a TEAM of Therapists, Clinical Exercise Physiologists, Professional Athletes, people with Parkinson’s, caring and understanding individuals with a collective goal to stop your search for answers. We provide all therapies as well as FUN maintenance fitness classes to keep PWP not only slowing down the progression, but improving improving the outlook on life moving forward. At The Parkinson’s Place we understand the complexity of neurological disorders and damage. By offering all therapies needed followed by maintenance classes, an individual is more likely to maintain therapeutic gains as well as significantly slow down the progression increasing neuro-protection.

All maintenance Classes & Programs vary in degrees of difficulty

  1. Rock Steady Boxing New England
  2. Physical Therapy
  3. LSVT Big
  4. LSVT loud
  5. Support Groups
  6. Caregiver support groups
  7. Yoga
  8. Dance
  9. PD Art
  10. Tai Chi
  11. The loud crowd
  12. Frequent events